We Bought a Bus!

Where It All Began:

A group of us took a trip to Glacier National Park. With all of our camping gear and photography equipment for that week, we were left with no options but to rent truck. After an amazing week tucked between mountains, glaciers and lakes, the expenses of the truck and gas was over $600. David and I sat down and decided we needed to come up with a permanent option for adventuring that could accommodate all of our equipment.

*I had previously purchased a VW Vanagon but found it to be too small and limited to how much adventuring it could do. Obviously people make 4x4 VW's but that was out of the budget for us.*

Months before the trip to Glacier, David and I have briefly talked about how cool it would be to own a school bus. Now that we knew what we needed we decided to see if a School Bus would be a good fit for us. 

Our Specifications:

  1. Large enough for storage for all of our camping and photography equipment.
  2. Large enough for us to sleep in.
  3. Small enough for us to park easily
  4. Small enough to drive through national parks easily
  5. Good gas mileage

We concluded that our best option was a short style school bus. Large enough for all we needed but small enough to fit in a parking stall. Yes, a short bus fits in a parking stall. We started looking for school buses. After weeks of pouring through Craigslist and KSL ads, one Thursday night we found what we were looking for. We found the short bus we were looking for at http://mastersautogroup.com/. With some financial workarounds we were proud owners that weekend.

What we got:

  1. 2000 GMC 3500 short bus
  2. 150,000 miles
  3. Previous owner was Box Elder School District

How much we paid:

  1. $6000

Now that the bus had been purchased, the real fun was about to start. This blog will showcase how we are converting our bus, "Sasquatch".