Phase 01: Removing the Seats

Going into this conversion, we thought that stripping out the inside would be the easiest part. So far, we have been dead wrong. Taking out the seats have really been a pain in the ass. Basically our bus seats were bolted down from inside the bus but tightened with a screw from under the bus. Essentially, I would adjust the bolt from inside the bus, and David was on his back under the bus holding the nut tight as degreaser was falling into his eyes.

When we bought, the bus we were told that bus seats could be sold for a couple hundred dollars per bench because of great shape they were in. We hoped we could recoup some money by selling the seats so we did all we could to salvage the benches. 

After days, without having any success, we decided to hell with it. One afternoon we rented a metal grinder from home depot.  By the end of that night, we had all the seats out.


  1. Rental Grinder-$15
  2. Blade-$4
  3. Protective Glasses: $2

Total Cost so Far:

  1. $6021