Skoolie Conversion: Wood Flooring

From the beginning of our school bus conversion we knew exactly what we wanted to do with the flooring. Since both David and I are photographers we want to keep the inside of the bus very light and natural. We had the vision of shooting lifestyle photoshoots inside of our skoolie. From the beginning we wanted to be able to utilize all aspects of the bus to make money as we traveled to all 59 national parks. 

With, those things in mind we decided to layer the floor with light wood laminate. Our reasons for wood laminate:

  1. Cheap
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy customization
  4. Easy to maintain and clean

In the photos you will see the process in three steps:

  1. Clean the existing plywood. Apply liquid nails to the plywood. In order for the liquid nails to work the surface needs to be clean. 
  2. On top of the liquid nails, apply foam underlayment. This sheet of underlayment will help to insulate, reduce noise, and the guy at home depot told us to. 
  3. Configure and apply wood laminate. The laminate has male/female grooves that make the process fairly easy.

Thats about it. In total, laying the floor took us about 5 hours. The total square footage of our live-able space is about 80 sqft. 

Update: Because of the light and clean vibe our bus has, we have had adventure clothing brands reach out to us about photo shoots in the bus. Our latest skoolie collaboration was with Indy Brand Clothing. Check it out here.