Sasquatch the Bus Meets Neff Headwear

Who else is excited for Summer?!! We sure as hell are. Summer is by far our favorite season. Sasquatch gets to shed its layers upon layers of blankets and adopt speedos and towels (yes sasquatches wear speedos). We are also excited to launch our Weekend Adventures with Neff series!

The Details

Neff Headwear approached us about a month ago to partner with our bus travels. We immediately said yes. Neff, an adventure lifestyle brand is dedicated to living the #foreverfun initiative. This is a great partnership for Sasquatch The Bus because every trip we take, we try to live by that mantra.

 For all you vanlifers, adventurers, and millennials out there, you need to know the NEFF story. One of the reasons this partnership is so perfect to us is because of the similar roots we have with the founders, Shaun and Chip Neff. The Neff brothers, who are also from Southern California, moved to Utah for school. While here they launched Neff Headwear.  NEFF started with just headwear. They spent their winters on the mountains hustling to get their beanies to snowboarders and skiers.  NEFF Headwear is now a worldwide lifestyle brand. What amazes and inspires me about their story, is that two brothers had a simple idea, saw a market need and literally created their own future.  I think that's all a dream we can relate to. The need for freedom and doing something that we love.


We started our weekend adventures by heading down to the Coachella Music Festival. I don’t know many many taglines that can describe Coachella better than Forever Fun. That is what it feels like when you are there. Time seems to stop. For three straight days, nothing else in life really matters. Music means so much to me, which I am sure most of you can relate to - so to spend a weekend with my favorite musicians was an experience I will never forget.

 While heading home we stopped through Joshua Tree National Park for lunch and some quick bouldering. I have always loved Joshua Tree but this time, going in spring, was an amazing experience. I have never seen the park so green. Desert flowers were blooming everywhere and crisp spring air drifted in through the mountains. As we drove through the park listening to the Coachella playlist on repeat, life was just… GOOD.

So here's to an endless summer in 2017. Who wants to join us for a weekend adventure? We have some awesome trips planned!