So You're Going To Coachella

Written by Callie McMullin

How to channel your inner Mary Poppins at Coachella




  • Bring a fanny pack (fashion is hard)
  • Comfy shoes, for style and comfort we chose Teva's
  • Sunscreen (It's a blazing 100 degrees people, we’re in the desert)
  • Chapstick with SPF (Who likes crusty lips, ewe)
  • External battery (Let's be honest, you’re going to be taking so many selfies that your phone is going to die in the first 90 minutes)
  • Mobile hotspot, service is hard to come by if you are going to be gramming
  • Walkie talkie? (did i catch a Niner in there? Cell phone service is rough here, and people get real lost, real fast)
  • Sunnies
  • Sheer Scarf or bandana #jic massive dust storms (around your face or over your shoulders to block sun)
  • It can get cool at night (food for thought)
  • Moleskin for when you have 25 blisters after day one
  • Reusable water bottle (There are water stations inside the grounds! Hurray)
  • Camera (waltzed in with my a6000 and was totes fine)
  • Ibuprofen (so many beats, so many headaches)
  • Cash yo (leave your cards in the car)

In case you forget any of this, there is a general store and an atm close to the camping areas. Don't panic.


If you're camping, bring small meals and snacks you can chow down on during the morning and early afternoon.

Plan on your tent turning into a full on Sauna around 7 a.m. every day

Bring a Canopy to add more shade! Along with tarps and tapestries. This is your new home for the next 3 days.

Check out the morning yoga or dodgeball tournaments to bide your time

The Camping Cafe has amazing pancakes. Just saying.

Budget for eating dinner on the festival grounds. Meals range from $7 to $15. Any of the camping areas are like a mile away.  We’re already getting 30,000 steps in, we dont need 2,000 more just to grab a pb&j.  You feel me? Plus, FOMO.

Soo many after parties in the camp sites, bring ear plugs to block out the rave going on next door if you like sleep

The desert gets windy! Make sure to hammer in those plastic tent stakes like a boss. That way when you come back, your tent isnt MIA. 

Happy Coachella!