Top 10 Wanderlust Spring Break Destinations

As spring break season approaches we wanted to create an off the beaten path list for all you wanderlust people like us. We tried to create a list that would be a dream for us, as well for those looking for a great place to take a road trip. And of course, since we are all excited about summer, we tried to find places where swimming was a highlight. From Arizona through the beaches of California, here are the best western spring break destinations you have never heard of!

Fossil Creek, Arizona

Fossil Creek - Sasquatch The Bus

Table Rock Beach

Table Rock Beach - Sasquatch The Bus

Point Sal and Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach - Sasquatch The Bus

Mill Creek, Moab

Mill Creek - Sasquatch The Bus

Blue Hole, New Mexico

Blue Hole - Sasquatch The Bus

Channel Islands, California

Channel Islands - Sasquatch The Bus

Boiling River, Yellowstone

Boiling River - Sasquatch The Bus

Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona

Wet Beaver Creek - Sasquatch The Bus

Salton Sea, Slab City and Joshua Tree

Paradise Forks, Arizona

Paradise Fork - Sasquatch The Bus

Did we miss any? Are we gonna see any of you on the road with us? If you see a white school bus on the road make sure to give us a honk!