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Growing up in the foothills of Southern California, I spent most weekends climbing trees and building forts.  I remember my favorite movie being Swiss Family Robinson. I would daydream about living in a tree on the beach of my private island; riding ostriches, catching tigers and making coconut bombs. Even now, I hustle day after day, to try and have a sliver of that lifestyle. 

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Daily, I find myself looking for inspiration on how I can make that dream a reality. One morning, after scrolling through Instagram, I found an account that has brought the Swiss Family Robinson spark back into my life. @missarahglover

Sarah Glover has been a professional chef for the past 16 years and specializes in outdoor cooking. Yes, cooking over a fire, in the outdoors. How cool is that! Following her story has really been an inspiration. Her skills of cooking outdoors has brought a whole other dynamic for our own vanlife story. There is something special about being able to be in the wilderness, catch your own food, and then prepare a gourmet dish with it. 

We thought we would sit down with Sarah and explain the new outdoor cookbook she just launched:

Q: Who is Sarah Glover?

A: Hi I'm Sarah. I’m a chef, pastry chef, and adventurer at heart. I never thought it was possible to put the two together and then I realized there wasn't any chef police man telling me I couldn’t’ so I just opened the door and stepped out. Ive been cooking for 16 years professionally . I grew up on a cold island Called Tasmania, (far far from the USA).

Q: How long have you been cooking outdoors?

A: My whole life, but taking it seriously over the last 2 years. 

Q: What's the largest event you have cooked for?

A: Largest was 875 people. That's a lot of chickens, but over an open fire, the biggest was 180 people. About 20 pineapples, 10 chickens, and a few lambs. Lots of vegetables too hung, strung and roasted in hot smoky goodness. 

Q: What is your favorite ingredient for outdoor cooking?

A: Smoke … No but seriously, wood makes everything taste amazing, Other than that, fish. I LOVE Fish.

Q: Easiest and best outdoor meal?

A: My salt water pizza(sorry recipe only in my cookbook ha ;)

Q: Do you have any tips?

A: Just get out and have a go, if you burn it, make it again.

Q: What are you working on now and where can we support and learn more?

A: This Book is called WILD - Adventure cookbook, it's been 100% shot outdoors, nothing in a studio and all my recipes have been made up on the spot, with what I have collected on my adventure. Luisa Brimble (my Photographer ) and I have self-funded this book, we didn’t want to be constricted to a budget and a deadline, it needed to be natural and organic. Because that's what being in nature is, it's organic, you can’t prefabricate your experiences out there and that's why I love it, you have to adapt and work with the weather, smoke and produce. It's a humbling and liberating experience.  SO yeah Kickstarter was the only way we could get this book to you. You can pre-buy the book or leave a pledge. I would be so grateful to you for your support, I’m sure you will get something out of my book (salt water pizza recipe hehe). 

Check out her kickstarter and video! (We do not get a kickback for sharing. We genuinely love Sarah and her contribution to the adventure lifestyle.) If you enjoyed this post do us and Sarah a huge favor and share it!