#Vanlife Chose Me: Will and Bear

This week we sat down with our friend Loz and Alex to talk about #vanlife. The founders of Will and Bear and two vw vans. We have gotten to know Loz over the past year, and we have been truly amazed at her adventure spirit. Get to know them in this first ever #vanlife Q&A.

Q- Where are you from? What do you do?

A- We’re Will & Bear (some may know us as Loz & Alex!), our home base is Melbourne, Australia but life for us is now on the road! Will & Bear is a small lifestyle brand built on a love of the outdoors and life on the road. Will & Bear takes us all over our beautiful homeland. We’re lucky enough to travel interstate doing photo shoots, markets, design stalls and pop-ups. A life on the road we wouldn’t trade for anything.

Q- What kind of van do you have?

A- We have two vans, Marty (our first van) is an 82 VW T3 Transporter Kombi and he’s a little gem! He’s a little rough around the edges but that suits us to a T. Our second van, Emmett is an 89 VW T3 Syncro Kombi and he is the real deal! This guy is 4WD and has a new Subaru engine, making him heaps stronger than your average T3. We recently made the trip up to Byron Bay to meet Emmett, and cruised with him down the coast home. Now we’re busy planning our first off road trip with Emmett!

Our mates at @hireakombi also let us borrow their vans for trips down The Great Ocean Road. This crew has loads of vintage Kombi’s and it’s always a blast taking one of their babies for a ride.

Q- Why is #vanlife important to you?

A-  Life on the road is our biggest source of recharge. We use our vans as our second home and office. Sometimes finding a balance between work and play can be tough when running our own business, so we try to combine the two as much as possible.

Q-What has been your favorite adventure?

A- Our recent trip to South Australia was up there with one of the best! You can drive on the beach down there, and we jumped at the chance to take Marty on the sandy roads– he was right at home!

Q- Most challenging adventure?

A- We haven’t had a bad adventure; we’ve had plenty of ups and downs on the road but that’s all part of the fun! We’re big believers in treating every situation as a learning experience and figuring your own way out of the tricky stuff – and life on the road has taught us so much. On our trip to South Australia, we found ourselves in a sticky situation while on the freeway one morning. There were these huge gale force winds and our pop-top was blown open while doing 100km! The winds were so strong that they tore our canopy right off.  We then had a convertible Kombi for the rest of the trip – suffice to say we always ride in style.

Q- Do you have any advice for other vanlifers?

A-Connect with other vanlifers! We have met so many interesting people on our journey so far and we’re still amazed at the stories we hear and inspiration we get. This is by far our favourite part of van life.