Sasquatch Does Canyonlands

Outdoor Mecca. Desert Playground. Moab is the place to be. Go in the winter to beat the crowds. Only 3-and-a-half-hours from Salt Lake it's perfect for the weekend warrior.

We took off from Provo Saturday morning trying to escape the cold, only to find more cold and a lot of rain. It was only drizzling as we rolled into Arches National Park, but on our hike, that drizzle turned into a down pour, and we were stuck in the middle of a flash flood. Headed to our campsite in Horsetheif Campground and the rain stopped just long enough for us to make dinner (see below). Caught the sunrise at Dead Horse Point made some bomb breakfast burritos and then explored Canyonlands Sunday morning. Then made it home in time for Sunday Dinner.

Watch the video below


Camping in Moab is the best way to do. There are plenty of first come first serve campsites. Take a drive along the scenic Utah 313 for some of our favorite camp spots, Horsetheif Campground or Lone Mesa. Another great spot to camp is along Hwy 191 at the Granstaff Campground.

vanlife canyonlands

Vanlife Cooking

Vanlife cooking and eating is hardly our best skill. Most of our trips consist of trying to find the best pizza joint (be on the lookout for "the best pizza" blog post soon ;)). After a long day of hiking, prepping and cooking dinner seems like a huge undertaking.

However, we have made it a goal to get better at our primitive and van-life cooking skills. For our Moab trip we decided to try out some dutch oven recipes. 

Dinner: Rosemary Chipotle Drumsticks

  1. 8 Chicken Drumsticks
  2. 4 Red Potatoes
  3. Handful of olive oil
  4. A couple pinches of chipotle seasoning
  5. A couple of pinches of rosemary

We combined all of this in our dutch oven. Fire had been prepped with about 25 pieces of charcoal. Once the charcoal had turned white we placed the dutch oven on top of 15 pieces. Placed the other 10 pieces on top of the dutch oven lid. Total cook time was about 30 mins. Checking and turning the oven every 15 minutes.

vanlife cooking

Dessert: Cinnamon Rolls

  1. One package of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  2. Heart full of Love

This was our first try so we weren't very sure how to do cinnamon rolls. We placed them in a smaller pan with a lid and let them cook on top of the fire grate(this is not the best method). They took about 20 minutes to cook halfway. By this time we were tired and just wanted something sweet. We took them off the fire, poured the icing, and ate the cinnamon rolls half cooked. They still tasted amazing.

vanlife cooking dessert

Breakfast: Burritos

  1. 1 Dozen Eggs
  2. 1 package bacon
  3. 6 potatoes
  4. A few healthy pinches of salt and pepper
  5. Tortillas
  6. Grape Jelly

The cooking of this was similar to the chicken drumsticks the night before. 25 pieces of charcoal. 15 on the bottom and 10 on top. Cook time for about 25 minutes. These bacon breakfast burritos were perfect. Our friend John, who is from Georgia introduced us to putting grape jelly on our burritos. Although we were skeptical, this actually turned out to be pretty amazing, who would have thought? Try it on your next burrito!