Almost Alstrom

An Almost Disastrous Winter Road Trip Through Southern Utah

Rule number one of road trips: plans never go as planned. Something you just have to learn and deal with. This past weekend we had planned to go to Alstrom Point, a lookout point of Lake Powell, to camp and hangout. 

We left Friday evening after work, the weather continued to get worse the further south we went. Driving the majority of the way through white out conditions. Sasquatch isn't 4WD (yet), but she handles the snow well. We got to the town of Big Water, where you turn off the highway and have 20 miles of dirt road before Alstrom Point. It was 2AM so we decided to call it a night and finish the rest of the way in the morning. 

There was no snow on the ground where we had slept and the roads didn't look to wet, so we ate some muffins and headed on towards our destination. About 4 miles in, there is a little river through the road that you have to cross, not a problem. 6 miles in, the roads are getting a little bit worse but still nothing that Sasquatch can't handle. We are at about 9 miles when the road turned into a giant mud pit and now I know we are in trouble but I can't stop now or there is no way we are getting out. So I keep my head down and keep driving.  We get to a dry spot in the road and take a break. Knowing that the road is only going to get worse from here on out, we decided that it would be best to turn around. The only problem is we still have to get through the half mile mud pit, but this time its uphill! There was a couple spots where I thought we were in trouble as I heard the wheels spinning and but we weren't moving. In a half panic I dropped down the gear and she climbed right up the muddy mountain. 

So now what do we do for the rest of the weekend?  

We went down to Horseshoe Bend since 3 of the 4 of us had never been there. Definitely worth it. And from there we headed to Zion National Park which was hammered by the snow storm. The park ranger told us that they received over 15 inches of snow! You think Zion is magical in the summer? You should see it covered in snow, I've never seen anything quite like it. We drove through the park and stopped to photograph Watchman at sunset. The sky put on a show for us that night. Top 5 favorite sunset. 

We grabbed some dinner and then parked the bus for the night. Hung up the lights and starting playing games. Have you played 'What Do You Meme?' I Haven't laughed that hard it a long time. Simply hilarious. 10/10 would recommend. You can pick yours up here. We then snuggled into bed and turned on a movie as we fell asleep at the base of Watchmen Tower.

Winter road tripping in a semi converted school bus can be tricky. Here is our list of things we wish we would have had with us to help brave the freezing temperatures and white out snow conditions:

  1. Snow Chains - Amazon
  2. Dehumidifier - Amazon
  3. Hot Hands - Amazon
  4. Crampons - Amazon