What's In Our Bus: Best Adventure Gear of 2016

We went on a lot of road trips the past year, this is a list of items that we bring with us on every trip to have the picture perfect adventure.


1. Seagate 1Tb Hard Drive SD cards fill up fast on road trips so it's good to have a place to put your photos. I've tried out a lot of hard drives and these are the ones i've found to be most reliable. It's also nice to have a storage of movies to watch at the end of night.

Get yours here - Amazon

2. Estwing Hatchet Is it an adventure without a fire? Good luck making a good fire    without a hatchet. Get yours here - Amazon

    3. BESTEK Power Inverter When you are sleeping in the car you have to have a way to charge all of the electronics. Camera batteries, laptops, phones, and don't forget about a place to plug in the lights for the perfect out the back instagram photo. Get yours here - Amazon


4. Globe Lights The lights I was talking about earlier. Find them here - Amazon

5. DB Power Pocket Projector Sometimes its nice to just watch a movie in the woods, better than the movie theater I promise. Find it here - Amazon


  1. Nod Hammocks We have used a lot of hammocks. Nod is our favorite. The tree straps are easy to use for a quick setup. Buy now - Amazon
  2. Indy Brand Blankets Want to look stylish and stay warm? All of your followers will be asking where you got the blankets from. Get them here - Indy Brand


  1. Herschel Bag Best duffle on the market. Compartment to put dirty/wet clothes is a game changer. Get it here - Amazon
  2. Lander Backpack The go to adventure day pack. Because of the waterproof shell its a safe place to keep all of the gear. Find it here - Amazon
  3. Fjall Raven Bags The best way to get features and likes on instagram. Trust us. Buy it here - Amazon


  1. Marshmallow Roasters Do we need to say more? S'mores. 
  2. Jet Boil One of the best pieces of equipment in our skoolie. Boil water in seconds. Perfect for early mornings and quick meals on the road. Easy cleanup and takes no space. Get it here - Amazon
  3. Hot Cheetos with Lime - Is it even a road trip without Hot Cheetos? This is a perfect snack because it keeps you sweaty and awake. No sleeping at the wheel when your mouth is on fire.
  4. Sour Patch Kids-Another road trip favorite for the same reasons as above. Just less sweaty and more pucker.
  5. GSI Cooking Equipment When camping with photography friends, it's nice to have a group set of cookware. Not only is GSI, great cooking equipment, but is also the epitome of "camp vibes". Get yours here - Amazon


  1. Vintage Lantern Can't have a hipster "kinfolk" dinner without one of these bad boyz.
  2. Camping Totes Got these for Christmas and they are perfect. They keep everything in the bus organized and space efficient.
  3. Field Notes Adventuring in our skoolie gives us with many hours to think and ponder. Many of our awesome ideas and plans have been scribbled down on these perfect note pads.
  4. Hydro Flask THE BEST WATER BOTTLES. They keep liquid hot or cold for hours. Honestly a life saver in the winter, when you want to make quick coffee or tea on the trail.