Our School Bus Conversion

We met on a road trip in August of 2015 and have been best friends ever since. While we were driving through Oregon we talked about how cool it would be to convert a school bus. On road trips there are always ideas thrown around and you never think they will actually happen, and just over a year later here we are. Two twenty something year olds and a short bus. Just your average joes who love to travel and be outside. We have zero mechanical or construction experience. This is our story.


Bradley Davis

Bradley Davis - Sasquatch The Bus

I'm from Riverside, California. Marketer and Growth Hacker. Aspiring photographer. Future pig owner(looking for a tea cup pig for adventuring....or goats). Bi-polar millennial. Ideal life would include owning some land to homestead, but like in the middle of the city; bees, goats, chickens and gardening. In all reality my life has been shaped by new people and new places. Whether through my job or my adventures, I love sharing stories and building relationship with others. Looking to further those experiences through traveling the world in our school bus.

david waugh

David Waugh - Sasquatch The Bus

I'm from Orem, Utah. I am currently a full time student, studying accounting at UVU. I'm a professional photographer. You will probably find me outside in the mountains, hiking, camping, or snowboarding. 2 years ago I made a goal to visit the 59 national parks within 5 years, currently at 19/59. I love jumping off cliffs or into lakes full of icebergs. Nepal is my favorite place i've traveled to. I'm excited to see more of the world and for the adventures to be had in sasquatch.


This is our journey of building out the perfect adventure vehicle. Learn about our conversion, join us on our adventures, Be inspired to go on your own adventures.